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Your home is your haven and, as such, it should be a place where you feel safe.  If you want to protect yourself and your family, home safety should be a priority in your life.  Here are some ideas on how to deal with some of the most common concerns facing homeowners today.

Do Some Detective Work On Your Detectors

Make sure that your smoke detectors are working and have fresh batteries.  It’s important to clean them regularly to avoid a buildup of dust and dirt, which may cause them to malfunction or stop working altogether. 

Make Sure That Your Security System Is Secure

If your home has a security system, make sure that nobody else has the code.  If you purchased your home with the security system in place, have the code changed as a precaution.  Just as you would change the locks to prevent friends, acquaintances or family members of the previous owner from entering the house without your permission or knowledge, it’s equally important to change the code on your security system. 

Obstacles & Falls

Many people die or get injured each year as a result of a fall in their home.  Make sure that the way you arrange your furniture and possessions makes it easy for you to move around your home.  Be especially careful about where you put low items that you may trip over.

Trailing electric and phone wires can also be hazardous—try to connect appliances to a socket nearby.  If trailing wires are unavoidable, arrange them as far out of the way as possible and tape them down with strong electrical tape or something similar.

Keep staircases and passageways clear, and never place a loose rug at the top of the stairs.

Try to organize your storage so that you can reach items you use regularly without having to climb.  Don't be tempted to balance on chairs or boxes if you do need to reach something high—use a proper step ladder with non-slip steps, or wait until someone else can help.