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When you begin thinking about decorating, usually a man-friendly space is not what springs to mind.  The décor of a space popular with men is usually a large screen television and sports paraphernalia, and while this may seem to be the limit of their creativity, there are a lot of other options for creating a space that will appeal to a more masculine taste.  Here are a few tips for creating a space in which any man will feel at home!

Define A Function

The most important element of any space for a man is whether or not it will serve his needs.  Whether it’s an office or living room, understanding how they want to use the space, and including all the elements that they’ll need to function in that space, is essential.

Choose Warmer And Darker Colors

While light, airy colors can give a room a nice appeal, often men are drawn to darker, warmer colors for their own spaces, in particular reds, greens, and blues.  All these colors are great choices for paint, and selecting complementary colors for accent pieces will tie the space together.

Select Durable Fabrics And Upholsteries

Fabric choices for window treatments and furnishings should reflect the function of the space and be durable.  Choices like leather, micro-suede, and corduroy are all great choices because they look masculine and can withstand whatever your man will put them through.

Think Big

Furnishings for any space that is designed for a man should have large, bold pieces, whether it is furniture or accent items.  Also think functional.  Men prefer a sofa they can lie stretched out on, a recliner rather than a dainty chair, and entertainment units in which they can store all their high-tech gadgets.

Ask For Input!

While most men don’t get excited about redecorating, if you are designing a space that is especially for your man, or even just want make your shared spaces more man-friendly, asking them what they want is the easiest way to make sure that all your money and effort will not go to waste.