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Celebrating New Year’s Eve With Children

Partying until midnight may not be in the cards for you come New Year’s Eve if you have small children.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time ringing in the New Year!  Kids can get in on the fun, too; you will just have to make your plans for earlier in the evening and modify them a bit for a young audience.

A Geography Lesson

Wherever you live, choose a location that celebrates New Year’s Eve earlier than you.  For people on the West Coast, this can simply mean celebrating along with those on the East Coast.  But if you are in New York and can’t wait for the ball to drop, consider celebrating along with the people of Brazil or Portugal instead; they will celebrate the New Year three to four hours before the East Coast of the United States.

Take some time to learn about the place you are choosing and ring in the New Year with some fun food and treats from that place.  Your adjusted New Year’s party can be educational and fun too!

Something Sparkling

Instead of champagne, pour some glasses of sparkling apple cider for your “midnight” toast!  Kids will love having this drink that seems grown up, but is free of alcohol and tastes like apple juice!  Buy some plastic disposable champagne cups, too, in order to add to the special nature of the treat.

Hats And Noisemakers

There’s nothing kids love more than dressing up and making a lot of noise!  Get out those paper New Year’s party hats and pass them around, and make sure everything has a noisemaker to blow in celebration.  Just don’t pass them out too early, or you might be tired of hearing them long before the party reaches its climax!  Everyone can join in the countdown together and make plenty of noise in celebration.

Once the kids are in bed, you can ring in the New Year with some real champagne if you like, but a little early celebration will turn this usually adult holiday into a fun occasion for your children as well.  With a few treats and the chance to make a lot of noise without reprimand, this is sure to be a favorite holiday tradition for any child!